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Are room air-purifiers worth it?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Many of my clients use room air-purifiers and find great benefits! If you are considering purchasing one, here are some helpful tips...

I am often asked if I 'believe' in room air purifiers...

The answer is YES, I do! I have many clients who find great benefit from room air-purifiers, both expensive and less expensive makes and models. With a bit of online shopping you can likely narrow your options down to two or three models before you even head to the store.

Benefits from using room air-purifiers may include:

  • reducing allergens in the air

  • increasing air circulation

  • generating calming noise which may improve sleep quality

Please be certain the decibels on your chosen air purifier are low and the sound quality is such that it will enhance your sleeping area. Also, please be certain it is cleanable!

If you do decide to purchase an air-purifier, I would love to learn which air-purifier you chose and how you would rate the results.

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