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Pets in your bedroom

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

How is your sleep and breathing affected by Fido and Fluffy?

If you have a service pet, you will know there are medical benefits to having your pet with you all day as well as in your bedroom at night. Even if you don't require a service pet, you may experience a better sleep, feeling calmer or safer when your pet sleeps beside you.

However, if your new puppy or kitten frequently interrupts your sleep it may be necessary to kennel train them at night until they mature.

Allergies or sensitivities...

If you have allergies or sensitivities to pets or pet dander, but you have a service pet or you need your pet in your room to promote tranquil sleep, you may like to try:

  • hypoallergenic bedding including mattress covers and pillow cases

  • increased washing of bedding

  • Hepa filter on furnace

  • air-purifier in bedroom

  • frequent damp cloth dusting of all surfaces

  • bare floors (hardwood or laminate)

  • frequent grooming of your pet (pet brush glove)

  • low-shedding or hairless pet

  • natural dander-reducing wipes

  • having your pet sleep at the foot of your bed or in a kennel in your bedroom

If these measures do not provide better breathing and sleep, please discuss with your physician as medication or referral to allergist or immunologist may be advised.

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